Interview: October 2016



Ray, you’re currently busy promoting your third full length album Backwoods Bloodshed. How are the reactions so far?

The reactions have been great! Haven’t gotten any kind of negative feedback on it, constantly having to reorder copies and just recently had to send more copies to my distributor.


Looking at your discography it’s clear you’re not one to sit still. Every year has its own release, sometimes a full length, sometimes an EP. Is it a personal goal of yours to release music on a regular basis?

It wasn’t really my goal or something I set out to do. It just kinda happened that way. I’m actually taking a year or so off from recording and won’t have anything new out til the beginning of 2018.


I don’t know if you listen to your own albums, but if you were to listen to all your material in chronological order, would you hear a person growing as a musician?

I’ve definitely grown as a musician. One night me and a friend listened to all my albums in order and you can tell I still have the same style that I did with “Rituals” but I’ve perfected it and my execution has gotten better with “Backwoods”.


Fetal Autopsy was founded in 2012 as a two man band. That didn’t last long did it? What happened to make you decide to continue the band as a one-man-band?

Well before fetal autopsy was started I was doing a one man project under the name BTK. So being a one man band wasn’t really new to me and so I decided to just keep going with it.


What would you say are the biggest pros and cons about playing alone?

Pros would be that I don’t really have to deal with the typical band drama or band mates not showing up for practice. I’ve worked hard for many years perfecting and coming up with my own style and I don’t really have to deal with someone coming into the band wanting to change the sound or the way I’ve been doing things. The cons would be that all the funds for traveling, getting merch printed etc all falls on me. So it might take me a little longer than it would take most bands to get new merch made up or to go on tour or travel etc.


Your music seems to be influenced a lot by horror movies. Are you a big horror fan?

I love horror movies! I’m a big fan of the classics such as the ”Evil dead” series, “Friday the 13th”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Halloween” and my all time favorite “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. The only song I can really think of that was influenced directly from a horror movie was “Impulse to kill” from the Plagues EP which was inspired from the movie, “28 Weeks Later”, where the father becomes infected with the rage virus, beats his wife to death and goes after his kids…. good stuff! Hahaha. Apart from that a lot of my songs are like my own horror stories.


The song on Backwoods Bloodshed that really got my attention was Left To Rot. Not only is it a great death metal song, but the female vocals sent chills down my spine. At first it’s as if you took some dialogue from a movie, but then the dialogue turns into chilling female vocals that sing along with you. First of all, who is it we hear in this song?

That would be Runae Moon. She’s a Gothic singer from Michigan. She’s an amazing artist. However, that wasn’t me singing along with her. That was Stitch Mouth who was on the song “Butchered in a Casket”.


Mixing female vocals with the kind of death metal you play was a bold thing to do. Did you ever have your doubts?

No, I didn’t really have any doubts. When I was writing the song I had this big empty space and I thought it would be kinda cool to bring in a female singer to kinda give you the perspective of the victim.


Is this something you’d consider doing again in the future? Or maybe something else that could cause a surprise?

Possibly. Kinda depends on the song and if it fits. I might have a few tricks up my sleeve for the future, hahaha! I always try to do something different with each album. Whether it be the way I record, the mix of the instruments or the features I get on some of the songs.


What can we expect from you in the near future?

Well… aside from a couple shows I have coming up, I’m gonna be going back to the studio October 15th to start working on a split album with my bro “Goremonger” called “The Snuff Tapes”. After that I’ll be working on my next full length.


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