Interview with Joe Marchese


For those of you who missed the news, a couple of months ago New York death/slam outfit Internal Bleeding traded in their old vocalist Keith Devito for Joe Marchese. I decided to contact Joe and find out a bit more about him…


Hi Joe, you’re the new vocalist of Internal Bleeding, but at the moment you’re on the road with your other band Mother Brain. Any difficulties so far combining the two?

Haha good first question! I’ll say, in the most endearing way possible, playing extreme music has its difficulties no matter which way you look at it. It’s really only a matter of how much you love it and what you’re willing to do to keep it going. Right now were on day 7 of this Noisear/Mother Brain trip and I was barely able to sleep off the jet lag from the Internal Bleeding Moscow show a few days prior. When I’m feeling extra beat I remind myself Chris and Bill have been in the game for 25 years now and a little lost sleep is no excuse in death metal.


You mentioned Moscow. You joined Internal Bleeding at the right time, with trips to Switzerland, Russia and Indonesia. How were these trips for you?

It’s been a wild ride! Also, exactly what I needed to stretch my legs in the band a little. Having those gigs under my belt really helped with the whole sensation of being “the new guy.” Even though I’ve only been in the band for a short time we’ve all been around the world together already.


I’ve seen some footage of you with Internal Bleeding and I feel you fit in perfectly. Are you just being yourself or have you studied the music and tried to adapt a bit? 

That question is like a “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I came up in the long island death metal scene, so while I am absolutely being myself and doing what comes naturally, I’m also following in the footsteps of past IB front men. I try to capture all of the different vocals styles spanning the albums, but more importantly the attitude as well. I’d be doing it like this no matter what band I was singing for so it just works out really well I get to do it for this band.


I do feel you’re totally different than Keith was. For me personally your vocals and attitude on stage work better. And don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely not trying to talk trash about Keith. It’s a matter of taste. You said you came up in the Long Island death metal scene. Does this also mean you already knew the guys from IB?

Back in 2000 or so Shaun the most recent IB bassist and myself started Revenance (McCarthy was heavily involved too playing guitar on a few tours etc.) Once the IB guys saw us playing death metal they really took us under their wing and hooked us up with a bunch of NYC gigs. They ripped so hard compared to the other bands, subsequently the newer Revenance material sounded more and more “IB’esque”. After IB stopped playing we did our best to represent the NY slam sound until eventually getting thrown in with the wave of deathcore and calling it quits. I’ve been active grinding with Mother Brain since, but my roots remain. I’ve always been proud to come from a defining area in death metal and Internal Bleeding plays a big role in that.


Listening to what you’re saying it almost sounds as if, how do say…as if you’ve come full circle. Do you feel this is, or may be, a definitive step in your career as a deathmetal vocalist? 

It’s cool you used the term “full circle” cause that’s a coined phrase McCarthy and I use all the time, you hit the nail on the head. I’d like to meet the guy that wouldn’t consider singing for Internal Bleeding a definitive step in their death metal career, mainly so I could punch him in the nose.


Hahaha. You got that right! Let’s see what you make of the following questions! Your favorite IB album (or EP) and can you explain why? 

Either Driven to Conquer or maybe even the Alien Breed EP cause that was the era when Revenance and Without Remorse (McCarthy’s band) used to open up for them and the era we drew the most influence from.


And your favorite live song so far?

I like to do the older songs where I can get away with a more guttural voice: Anointed In Servitude, Ruthless Inhumanity, Inhuman Suffering etc.


I’m not sure to what extent you guys are already writing new material, but will the new material be a bit more like the old material so it fits your vocals better?

We have 2 new songs completed that have already made their live debut, a third song we are just finishing up over the next few practices, and between us in our heads another 4 or 5 songs in riffs/concept. They all have that characteristic IB sound, with some old school death metal parts as well as new writing influence from all of us, as we’ve been writing them together at practice as a unit.


And any idea when you guys ‘ll hit the studio? 

I think we’re hoping to be in the studio by late winter to hopefully have the album out for next year’s summer touring season.


And I hope you’ll be able to visit our humble country by then too! Thank you for your time Joe! 

It’s on my list of places to go. Netherlands is Chris McCarthy’s favorite spot he’s told me a dozen times.


Well, if you guys do make it to The Netherlands I’ll be sure to meet up with you and we’ll have a drink and order some bitterballs for Chris Pervelis.

Haha, ok were gonna take you up on that offer!

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