Deadly interrogations


No stone is left unturned in our quest for the truth. And whether you’re one of the gods of metal, or a mere mortal member of that noisy band from around the corner, we’re coming for you! Many bands from all over the world found themselves under the lid of the coffin and many more will follow. Curious whose funeral’s next? Take a look in the open casket and find out…

With their second album Unethical Dutch brutal death/slam act Korpse prove that they belong in the top of the European slam scene. The only thing more convincing than the album is the band’s live performance, which is absolutely crushing. I had the opportunity to speak with the Korpse drummer Marten Vanka.

Order of Israfel

After the release of their stunning debut album Wisdom we felt The Order Of Israfel definitely was a band to keep our eyes on. But we also had doubts if the band would be able to write a worthy successor. With Red Robes T.O.O.I. proved the world they’re here to stay. We were happy that Tom Sutton, guitarist and vocalist of The Order Of Israfel had some time for us to talk about the new album.

Not too long ago Dutch old school death metal sensation Funeral Whore released their second album Phantasm. And it’s an album the band can be proud of. Nothing was left to chance, which resulted in a catchy and extremely dark slab of death metal. We spoke with vocalist Roy Grimreaper about the whole process that went before the release of Phantasm.


One of my favorite people in the brutal death metal scene is Jimmy Javins, vocalist of American bdm band Necrotic Disgorgement. Talking to Jimmy however, is quite an adventure. The ultra-positive grunt-machine will talk about his bands one minute, about weed the next and also his love for food has to be discussed.


Reunions, reunions, reunions. Some interesting, others complete wastes of time. The Mefisto reunion should be filed under the interesting ones if you ask me. Thirty years ago this band became legendary. The sky was the limit. Or at least, that’s what everybody thought back then. Mefisto crashed and burned and for decades we heard nothing from these Swedes while their cult status grew and grew. Now, thirty years after their debut demo Mefisto released their long awaited debut album. We spoke with drummer Thord about what these guys have been up to all these years.

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