A message from the editor

From the Editor

Welcome Inside the Coffin. For decades the metal scene has survived because of the hard work of passionate people. From musicians having to sleep in their cars to tape-traders willing to do anything to get that one release of that certain obscure underground band. All these people have one thing in common and that’s their love for metal. Many years ago it was that love for metal that made me write bands and start my own underground magazine, which I made with a typewriter, a copy machine and a stapler.

Through the years a lot has changed of course. Some things for the better, other things for the worse. No more pen and paper, no more copy machines. The internet has taken over and changed everything. Except for that passion for metal; that passion remained the same. And it’s this passion we would like to share with you, by bringing you interviews, reviews and articles written by fans, for fans. We hope you enjoy our site and support the scene!

Thanks for reading,
Arjan van Exter

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