What happens when a brutal death metal idiot and an arrogant member of the legendary black metal band Sammath start discussing black metal?

You get Black Talk!

Because the subjects I choose don’t seem to do it for you, the choice is yours! What do you want to talk about?

Alright then! My favorite bands, Mysticum and Sadistik Exekution! By the way, I’m on vacation…again… Hahahah! This time it’s the Moessel!


Great! Then it’s probably gonna be another fine discussion! Mysticum and Sadistik Exekution. So these are your favorite bands? You’re obviously not a fan of subtility!

Nope, not at the least… Except for women!

For me Kaos is the number 1 album. This song… I can just cry, it’s that good! It’s probably for 20% also because it’s Aussie, but God Fucking Damn it, this is great!


I’m happy to hear that you like your women a bit more subtle than Sadistik Exekution. I don’t want to meet the woman who can be compared with the music on Kaos…

Hahahahah. Indeed!

I’m happy though, my wife isn’t into metal at all.


What is it about Sadistik Exekution you like so much?

Everything needs to be destroyed. Especially the bass. Tight drums. Bizarre intense and fucked up riffing. And the vocals of Rok…Brilliant!


Ever seen them live? I read a review of one of their shows here in Holland many years ago. They were drunk off their asses and puked on stage.

Once. In Australia, never in Holland. Somewhere in Sydney when I was 17. Yes, they made a mess!


What the hell do you call their music?

War Black Death Fukkk Metal. I don’t know any other band that sounds like that. Do you? Do you know Kaos well?


Yes, I know Kaos pretty well. It’s been a while since I played it. The first time I heard Rok say: “Volkanik Rumble”, I almost pissed myself.

Me too. Of pure excitement. Especially that piece of lyric in the first song. “Time now it’s time for sacrificing death. Hell is waiting for you, buried upside down…something, something… Rot the only thing left to do. We are Sadistik…blah, blah… Genious…Pure misery! Love it!

Talking like this it almost seems I’m always drunk! Hahah…Jesus! But hey, I’m on vacation!


You enjoy Jan! Life’s short! Anyway, we can agree that Sadistik Exekution turned violence into a form of art!

Right you are man! The rest is bullshit! Family comes first…maybe a couple of friends. Screw the rest!


Indeed!… Mysticum… Don’t know them very well… What’s so special about them?

That’s more difficult to describe. Probably the only band that’s allowed to use a drum computer. Brilliant. Seen them live three times. Twice in 96 or 98 and last winter in Finland… Riffs… So inhumanly harsh. Black metal with an industrial edge. Pure! Besides that there’s the pure love of black metal these guys have… And they’re nice and relaxed guys to boot!…


Was it on Black Flames Of Blasphemy that you saw Mysticum last year?

Yep. See if you can spot the drunk guy in the pit, hahah!


Hahah. What a surprise! You’ve been drinking there too, have ya?

More than you know!


In the meantime I’ve been listening to Planet Satan a bit and yes, great band, Mysticum… That industrial edge is pretty unusual in black metal.

Absolutely. The new one is just as good the old. I hoped for that, but I never expected it!


The old stuff has some production issues though.

Yes. Every song sounds different. I love it. Especially their demos are party time! Hahahah! The new one’s a grower.


Is that allowed within the realms of black metal; A grower?

Hahah. Why not? I have to say I was impressed right from the start. So much pure energy. So many different layers in the drum tracks.


Yes…Who not… In the past I had a few friends though. Purists. I think they wouldn’t have been too enthusiastic about experimenting and progressive stuff…

Most of the time they don’t like that, no. And I get that…


I don’t. Things that aren’t allowed to evolve are doomed to die.

You’re absolutely right. But with black metal these things are tricky. Change often sounds strained.


Is Mysticum widely excepted in the black metal scene?

I think so, yes! But what the black metal scene thinks isn’t of real interest to me as I’ve been in the scene for over a generation. These young guys are totally different.


I think industrial is a pretty good style to mix with black metal. Loud, sick, twisted…

Sure thing, even though I don’t listen to industrial bands… Weird actually…


Well, industrial is being abused by bands like Fear Factory. Except for their first album actually, which kicks ass…

Yes, but they have to make a living off of it, so that’s totally different.


Jan, you’re getting soft. What the hell do you care they have to make a living off of it.

Haha… Yes, goddamn it!


That’s the Jan I know!

They’re fucking fags! … Laughing my ass off over here!



It’s pretty weird actually with those big bands. Every two years they release a new album while they’ve been shit for years… Slayer, Metallica, you name ‘em… The underground doesn’t sell anymore, because everyone wants to get their stuff for free… There’s no real scene anymore…


I still know a few people who invest in the underground. That group is getting smaller though…

Exactly. The other day I was talking to this guy who took pride in the fact he never spent a dime on the music industry… He was wearing this Graveland T-shirt… “You make that shirt yourself?”, I asked him…


Asshole. I love buying a product from a band that put their soul into that product.

Absolutely man… Dying breed…


I also delete most of the MP3’s I receive after I review them… Not my thing… I want the original…The booklet…Artwork…

Absolutely. Without that the experience just isn’t the same. You never really get into the album. That’s the problem with today’s scene. Rushing… Skipping through the songs… I really wonder how many reviews are being written without the reviewer listening to the entire CD at least one time.


That doesn’t happen too often here, but I have to admit that we receive so many promos each month that you simply don’t get the opportunity to listen to an album two or three times… Sad but true…

It’s still better than listening to bits and pieces man!


True, but it does suck when the review is already online and later on you hear something you didn’t catch before… The problem is that there are so many releases nowadays and there’s a lot of crap there as well!

When Sammath began playing in ’93 there were about 1500 releases a year… Today 25000… Jesus…


You’re talking about metal releases?

Yes. Someone told me that… Someone from Nuclear Blast I believe…


Fucking hell… As a reviewer I find that kinda depressing…

Hahaha… It’s also depressing for a lot of bands. For labels this means you pay until your nuts turn blue for ads. The only way to get interviews. Luckily at Hammerheart Records the bands are good and the network is also great. If these things aren’t met, you’ll sell 200 copies max. When the music is good you’ll get some attention, but it’s not as it was in the olden days.


There’s your problem right there. When you have that much choice as a label, then how can it be you release something crap?

I don’t know man. There’s a lot of shit being release, isn’t there?


Getting back to your favorite bands for a minute. Which of the two is your absolute favorite, Mysticum or Sadistik Exekution?

Sadistik Exekution has one album I truly love, Kaos. Mysticum has two… But I’ll go for Sadistik Exekution anyway! Mainly because they’re Aussies, hahaha!


So are Disentomb and Entrails Eradicated, but I never hear you going off about them?!

They rule too! Portal, Darklord, Slaughterlord… Mortal Sin!!!


A Week Later…

FUCK! I totally forgot about you! Fucking dipshit I am… Eh… Australia…right…Yes! Is there a specific sound to those Australian bands?

Hahaha! Not really in the sound, but more in the way they do things. Rude!


And is there some that Australian rudeness left in you?

I grew up with it. I still have a lot of it in me. People there are a bit more honest than they are over here. If you don’t like someone you tell them, instead of endlessly visiting them and drinking coffee as if nothing’s going on. Everything’s a bit more unpolished. It’s also because of the total lack of culture, but it is fucking liberating!


Enough for this time! Talk to you later!




This concludes this month’s BLACK TALK.

Stay tuned for more BLACK TALK next time!

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